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Yvette Reid – Senior Editor

Yvette is Housing Nonprofit’s Senior Editor. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who loves helping people fix their finances more than she does, and her track record shows it. With a Master’s Degree in Finance and over 23 years’ experience in the credit counseling and financial planning fields, Yvette holds loads of knowledge when it comes to making and saving money.

While Yvette enjoys dishing the dirt on the easiest ways to fix your finances, she also loves soaking up the sun. You’ll often find her at a South Florida beach with her two granddaughters.

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Alan Massey – Senior Editor

Housing Nonprofits Senior Editor has done it all when it comes to homes and real estate. While Alan was a college student working towards his degree in Construction Management, he helped build houses during the hottest of Georgia summers. And after overseeing the construction of several high-rise buildings for nearly 20 years, he became a real estate agent.

Now that Alan is retired and enjoying the relaxing mountains of North Carolina, he helps others maximize their home-owning experience by contributing to our site. To unwind, he enjoys hiking, fishing, and attending local college sporting events with his three young sons.

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Genevieve Hayes – Contributor

With over a decade of experience in the real estate field, Genevieve brings tons of insight to the table with her tips for HNP readers. Combine that with her educational background that includes a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Commercial Banking, and it’s no wonder why we added Genevieve to our team.

After selling more houses than she could count, Genevieve decided to retire and spend the rest of her days on a ranch in Texas. When she’s away from her keyboard and taking a break from dishing home-related advice, you can find her riding horses or playing with her handful of dogs.

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Oliver Norton – Contributor

The Internet is a treasure trove of savings and money-making opportunities, and Oliver, Housing Nonprofits Associate Editor, is an expert at finding gems of information and explaining those clearly. With a Masters Degree in Community Counseling and BS in Economics, Oliver has a deep interest in affordable housing and well being.

In the rare times when Oliver’s not writing, you can find him online playing video games with friends he’s made all over the world. And if his two degrees weren’t enough, he’s now working on his third to broaden his knowledge even more.

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