Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance can include cash advances towards down payment, flexible or no interest mortgages, and any other incentive that makes buying a home more affordable.

Are You Eligible for the Good Neighbor Next Door Grant?

By Housing Nonprofit

001. An Introduction to FHA, HUD, and Home Ownership Vouchers
002. Questions To Ask Before a Rent to Own Agreement
003. Buying a home after bankruptcy. A Summary of Loan Types, Requirements and How Long.
004. Understanding The New Community Affordable Mortgage Solution
005. Employment Requirements For 4 Major Home Loans
006. Why is it so hard for the self-employed workers to get a mortgage?
007. The Best Mortgages For First-Time Homebuyers
008. How HUD Homes Differ From Other Houses
009. Get Free Land To Build Your Dream Home In These 5 Places