Get Free Land To Build Your Dream Home In These 5 Places

By Housing Nonprofit

There was a time when land was given away for free to anyone willing to build a home and settle there. A few places in the Midwest still have this offer today.

When someone tells you they’ll give you free land just to move there, it must be a scam, right? Not necessarily, as these are five cities that have such an offer right now.

New Richland, Minnesota

Who doesn’t want to live near a bevy of bike trails, lakes, and a golf course? Many people pay a premium for these amenities, but in New Richland, Minnesota, they’ll pay you to enjoy them via free land.

Move to the Homestake subdivision in New Richland, and this fantasy can become your reality. As long as you build your home within a year of acquiring the deed on the land, it won’t cost you a penny.

In short, get moving to take advantage of this opportunity, since land is limited.

Lincoln, Kansas

On its website, Lincoln is described as a city that is “the size of a dime with the heart of a dollar!” If you’re looking for such a place to live, you’ll be glad to know that you can get free land to create your home on the range there.

Lincoln lists its selling points as having low crime and loads of scenery that includes buffalo and other wildlife spread across gorgeous hillsides.

To take advantage of their free land offer, you’ll need to build and inhabit your home within a certain amount of time.

Marquette, Kansas

Want to call the heart of America, home? You can do so in Marquette, Kansas, with one of their free building lots.

Located in the Westridge Addition development, these lots offer peaceful views of large rolling fields. The neighborhood is described as an excellent location to grow a family or retire, and if you’re looking for a setting where everyone knows their neighbor, this may be it.

To learn more about Marquette’s free land offer, visit their official site. As with other similar offers, you’ll be expected to build your home within a year and live in it soon after.

Curtis, Nebraska

The folks in Curtis, Nebraska, are serious about helping their community grow. Besides offering free lots to construct your single-family dream home, they’re also offering cash to move there.

If you have children 18 years old or younger, you can receive up to $1,000 for moving to Curtis. One child will get you $500. Two will equal $750. Three or more will yield $1,000.

Are free land and cash the only reasons to move to Curtis? No, especially if you’re looking to raise your children in a family-oriented atmosphere. Whether you’re building a family or want to retire somewhere safe and inexpensive, give Curtis a look.

Harmony, Minnesota

Described as a “nice place to visit, even better place to live,” Harmony, Minnesota, is offering a residential home construction rebate of up to $12,000. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be available until the program’s funds are expended.

What can you use the $12,000 on? To cover your construction costs, and it comes with very few restrictions.