Why do I have to complete this form?

By Housing Nonprofit

We understand you don’t want to spend time filling out forms, we also hate forms especially the redundant kind.  However, please keep in mind that our form consolidates various funding sources into a single application to save time and effort while assuring you do not miss out on anything. This tool is made to connect the many different housing grant applications into just one universal application!

Researching and applying for housing grants can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Different housing agencies each have their own application with varying eligibility criteria and funding limits. In particular, some programs are able to be combined with multiple sources while others cannot be combined.

By completing this form you can feel empowered with knowledge and autonomy in the home financing process. Rather than relying solely on commission driven agents or lenders for  guidance.

We are a nonprofit organization which means our mission is to serve the public first and foremost. We have no interest in selling you anything or promoting any program over another.

What can you expect?

After completing the Universal Housing Grants Application you will receive an award letter via email. The current timing of the award letter is the next business day. We ask for this time to  check for accuracy and confirm these funds are indeed available as of the date of the application. While we do check the status of these programs daily, Housing Grants are subject to availability and the supply may change before the respective agency has time to update us.

Can I see a sample award letter?

Yes, our award letters are sent out over email in response to a completed application. See a sample below. Every applicant also has an opportunity to schedule a call with us to review their  award letter and obtain a letter of pre-approval for those ready to begin shopping for a home.