President Biden Avails $10 Billion Budget for Housing Grants in 2024

By Housing Nonprofit

The Biden-Harris Administration reaches to expand access to homeownership.

Biden-Harris Administration shared its 2024 budget showing major federal investments to boost access to affordable housing.

At Housing Nonprofit 501(c)3, our mission is to provide transparency and access to housing grants for purchasing a home.

About half of all housing grants are funded by the government. That means much of our job is to pore over the national budget and account for everything which the general public can access for help to purchase a home.

We track these resources as they move from the President to Congress for approval. After gaining approval, much of the funds are allocated through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for use by States. Finally, the general public can access the funds from their county or city housing agency. 

This announcement from the White House marks the beginning of our 2024 effort to account for national spending on affordable housing. In collaboration with housing agencies across the country, other nonprofits, and various partners, we track these funds and make them accessible via our Universal Housing Grants Application.

Below is the press release regarding the most recent United States budget for affordable housing initiatives submitted by the State Department to Congress.

Read the White House press release